Displays and Exhibits

XVI. Displays and Exhibits

A. As an educational and cultural institution, the Bloomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library welcomes exhibits and displays of interest, information and enlightenment to the community.  Displays of handiwork, historical material, nature study, or any other material deemed of general interest may be exhibited.  The director shall accept or reject material offered for display based on its suitability and availability.

B. The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection, and no liability for possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited.  All items placed in the Library are there at the owner's risk.

C. Areas available to the public for displays and exhibits may include certain shelving, counters, tables, or walls; the meeting room; and the general bulletin board.  The exhibitor must sign a release before any artifact can be placed in the library.