Equipment Use

XIV. Equipment Use

A. Computer workstations are available to patrons on a first-come, first-served basis.  There is no charge for use of the workstations; however, in order to make the service available to as many patrons as possible, a time limit for usage has been imposed.  Policy concerning access to the workstations is available at the circulation desk.

B. Library staff is available for general assistance in using the workstations.  However, staff is not expected to train patrons in the use of application programs. 

C. A copy machine is available to patrons who wish to copy or print materials.  Both black and white and color printing is available. Fees are assessed on a per page basis.

D. Copy machine users are advised that there are restrictions on copyrighted materials.  Any violation of copyright is the responsibility of the copy machine user.

E. The library’s fax machine will be made available to the general public on a limited basis which includes:


Only the library staff will operate the machine for fax purposes.


The library accepts no responsibility for missing pages or bad transmissions.


Cash or personal checks may be used to pay for outgoing faxes before a fax will be sent.


The patron must fill out a fax cover sheet provided by the library.


Outgoing faxes will be charged at a rate approved by the Library Board. Charges cover telephone costs, including long distance.


The library will not receive incoming faxes for patrons.

F. Scanning is available at no cost on the copy machine. Scans may be saved to a flash drive or sent to an email address.

G. A telephone is available for patrons to make phone calls.  Patrons are assessed a fee for each use, unless a minor is calling for a ride. The library will not accept incoming calls for patrons.