Mission and Goals

I.  Mission and Goals

A. The mission of the Bloomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library is to provide resources and services that inspire people to explore, learn and connect.

B. The general goals of the Bloomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library are to:

     1. Serve all residents of the community and surrounding region.

     2. Acquire and make available to all residents of the above area such resources and services that will address their needs to a) become well informed, b) locate answers to various questions, c) cultivate the imagination, cognition skills and creative expression, d) develop skills for career and vocational advancement, and e) enjoy leisure by means of reading and other media service.

     3. Acquire the means to provide the most frequently requested material locally and upon demand.

     4. Maintain a program of service which assists in location of information, guides reading, organizes and interprets material for people of various backgrounds, and stimulates thinking and intellectual development in individuals of any age.

     5. Encourage and unfold the potential of patrons of all ages to become empowered with a self-motivated desire for life-long learning.

     6. Strive consistently to discover new methods and improvements for better service for the library's patronage.

     7. Assist patrons to become self-serving with use of routine, repetitive computer applications.

     8. Review regularly these goals of the library and, if necessary, revise them in the light of new developments.