Public Relations

XIII. Public Relations

A. Public relations goals of the Bloomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library are to:

1. Promote a good understanding of the Library's objectives and services among governing officials, civic leaders, and the general public;

2. Promote active participation in the varied services offered by the library to people of all ages.

B. The Board of Trustees recognizes that public relations involves every person who has connection with the Library.  The Board urges its own members and every staff member to realize that he or she represents the library in every public contact.  Good service supports good public relations. 

C. The director will be expected to make presentations and to participate in community activities to promote library services.  A reasonable amount of library time will be allowed for preparation and speaking. Materials to be used by press, radio, Internet, or television will be approved by the director.

D. The board will establish budgeting to cover costs related to printing, publication, supplies, and miscellaneous needs related to the public relations effort.