Social Media

XIX. Social Media

Social media is defined as any web application, site or account used or created and maintained by the Bloomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library that supports the library social media purpose statement.

The purpose of the social media employed by the Bloomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library is to provide information about and promote Library programs, news, projects, and ongoing activities to all members of the Bloomer community, consistent with the Library’s mission statement, and to provide a forum for Library staff and Library users to share opinions and information about Library related subjects and issues.

A. The Library welcomes comments, posts, and messages of the community and recognizes and respects differences in opinion. However, all comments, posts, and messages are regularly monitored and reviewed for content and relevancy. The Library reserves the right to refrain from posting user submissions or comments or to remove them at any time.

B. Content containing any of the following will be removed immediately from any Boomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library social media form:

     - Obscene comments or hate speech

     - Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language

     - Private or personal information, including phone numbers and addresses, or requests for personal information.

     - Potentially libelous statements

     - Falsification of identity

     - Plagiarized material

     - Comments, links, or information unrelated to the purpose of the forum.

     - Spam or other commercial or political messages.

C. In accordance to various international, federal, state and local laws, the public will make every attempt to protect copyrighted or other intellectual property rights.

D. Staff members posting on the library’s social media sites on personal time should be aware that information they display or comments they make on library social media sites may be viewed by other users as representing official library sponsored information or comments. In addition staff shall refrain from commenting on personal social media sites about any patron or negatively about Library programs, news, projects, and/or ongoing activities.

E. The Bloomer Public/G.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library does not endorse the advertisements promoted on any social media site. These advertisements are displayed by vendors and do not express the Library’s views or positions.